Personalized experiences,

at scale

An all-in-one dashboard to manage every aspect of your guest journey, with the highest personalization level in the market

Create a contactless guest journey

Offer a fully customizable check in and out forms via any messaging platform,



Secure payments

Passport scan

Digital signature

Health decleration

And much more...

Discover new revenue streams

Increase your bottom line by reaching your guests automatically at the right place at the right time, based on availability and guest segment


Engage with your guests on every messaging app 

We integrate with all commonly-used messaging apps, so you can talk with your guests their way, whether they are at the hotel or not

Speak your guests’ language

 We offer quality 2-way translation for your guests and staff members, so everyone can use their native language 

Boost staff efficiency

Repetitive questions are automatically answered with customizable replies, increasing your staff's efficiency 

Increase direct bookings

Engage with your website visitors and increase direct bookings with a customizable web chat

Your logo, your colors, your brand 

Learn from data

Gain insight into your operation and guest experience from our analytics 

Try EasyWay for your hotel

Create personalized experiences, anywhere

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