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Meet The Norman Hotel

Updated: May 19

How The Norman Hotel achieved an increase of 300% in incremental sales, a 40% improvement in response rate, and 100% rise in its number of online check-in

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The Norman Hotel, one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, combines the latest 21st century comfort with the elegant style of the 1920s. With 50 unique accommodation choices, guests from near and far can rest assured that they will enjoy a relaxing and exceptional experience here. The Norman Hotel offers activities for every taste and interest, including giant two-person bathtubs, a rooftop sundeck, fully-equipped spa, world-renown dining, art galleries, personal training sessions, and more.

The Challenge

As one of the brightest shining stars in the Middle East, Tel Aviv is in the unique position of attracting travellers and tourists from all over the world. This frequently makes The Norman Hotel a bubbling concoction of different cultures, religions, and people. Hosting guests from such a large variety of nationalities is one of the highlights of working at The Norman Hotel, but years of experience in the hospitality industry have taught the staff that language barriers between them and the guests can diminish the effectiveness of their communication, regardless of the issue at hand, leading to low levels of guest satisfaction.

The Solution

EasyWay’s cutting-edge 21st-century platform helped the hotel overcome language barriers with its two-way translation capabilities, allowing staff members and guests alike to communicate comfortably and effectively in their native languages, leading to a wealth of return business and positive reviews. The Norman Hotel then chose to take its guest communication to the next level by upgrading to EasyWay’s branded WhatsApp API, guaranteeing messages from staff appear with the hotel’s name and logo automatically, leaving no doubt that it is legitimate and trustworthy.

“With the help of EasyWay’s convenient and state-of-the-art system, we’ve seen a much higher guest engagement rate which led to a big jump in incremental sales,” said Yaron Liberman, General Manager of The Norman Hotel. “Our guests are delighted that they’re able to communicate with the staff in their native languages and have all of their questions answered without ever leaving their rooms.”


Increased Revenue. Since upgrading to EasyWay’s guest communication method, the Norman Hotel has seen an increase of 300% in incremental sales, a 40% improvement in response rate, and its number of online check-ins has risen by 100%.

Effective communication. Staff and guests are now able to communicate with each other in their native tongues and via their preferred channels.

Improved Guest Engagement. The hotel’s branded WhatsApp API helps it build trust in its reputation, leading to much higher guest engagement levels. The user-friendly platform also allows guests to perform any number of tasks from the comfort of their room or even before their arrival.

Greater Data Access. Higher rates of interfacing between guests and staff provided The Norman Hotel with access to huge swathes of new data, enabling it to better analyze what guests want and need from their stay.

Happy Guests. A desire to constantly improve services along with the willingness to act on that desire enabled the hotel to increase guest satisfaction and happiness.


Fast Facts

Hotel name: The Norman Hotel // Property Management System: Optima // Products used: EasyWay Messaging, EasyWay Guest Portal, EasyWay Online Check in, EasyWay Branded WhatsApp // Location: Israel // Number of rooms: 50

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