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Meet Magic Spell: Spelling out the Future of Hotel Messaging

Updated: Jun 29

Knowing the right thing to say in real-time can be challenging! Especially when you’re multitasking. It’s easy to make typos, sound robotic, or use a frustrated tone of voice. Luckily, we have a cutting-edge solution that’s only available at EasyWay! It’s called Magic Spell, and it’s setting a new standard for hospitality messaging and guest services everywhere.

What is Magic Spell?

Magic Spell is an AI-based messaging assistant built right inside the EasyWay platform. As you’re chatting with guests in real-time, get automatic phrasing suggestions that can be adjusted by tone and length.

Since Magic Spell deeply understands content and semantics within the hospitality industry, it uses advanced AI to generate fast response recommendations for every guest situation. Amazingly, Magic Spell works in every language automatically elevating guest communication for everyone. This innovation is unheard-of and game-breaking both inside and outside the hospitality industry!

How it works?

Step 1: Click the Magic Spell icon 🪄

Right inside the EasyWay Smart Messaging chat box, click on the Magic Spell icon to get automatic grammar and phrasing suggestions in your language.

Step 2: Customize your response 🪡

Decide on a more casual or formal tone and if you want your message shorter or longer.

Step 3: Select and send 📬

Choose the message you want and hit send. Just like that, you and your staff are sending error-free professional messages.

How you’ll transform your guest services?

Standardize your level of service in all language 🏩 📢

Uphold your brand and make sure all staff members are messaging guests in the same way—no matter the language.

Say the right thing at the right time 🥰 😀 😡 😎

Understand how your guests feel with EasyWay Guest Sentiment, then reply with Magic Spell’s intelligent responses.

Speak in an appropriate tone of voice 👟 👞 🥾

“It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.” Get messaging options that suit your situation, whether your brand’s voice is more formal or casual.

Respond faster without typos ✅ ⏳

When responding quickly, it’s easy to look unprofessional with typos (it happens to all of us). Instead, use one of Magic Spell’s grammar or phrasing recommendations to keep your message clear and easy to read.

Elevate your guest messaging with Magic Spell. Only on EasyWay.

Serve your guests and uphold your brand’s reputation with Magic Spell—the only guest messaging assistant writing a new standard for the hospitality industry.

Book a demo to learn more about this historic innovation.

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