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Putting the guest at the heart of the hotel, Ink Hotel found a way to create memorable experiences for everyone who pays a visit—those who booked and those who accompanied them. By using a web-based platform offering personalized products and services, INK Hotel drives incremental revenue and provides instant support 24/7.

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Creating a home away from home

There’s no place like home, but INK Hotel was on a mission to create a stay that felt just as special. Guests from all over the world visit Tel Aviv with unique needs and expectations from business and leisure to family. As a new boutique hotel on the scene, INK was looking for a way to create uber personalized experiences that separated them from the pack, anticipated guests’ needs in advance, and felt so comfortable they’d keep coming back time and again.

The Challenge: Stacking up against the boutique competition

Over the next five years, Tel Aviv plans to open 5,000 new hotel rooms, making the competition steeper than ever. When visitors have endless options in the center of the city, accepting the status quo simply won’t cut it. INK needed to go above and beyond to create a hotel experience that felt like home for those who booked and those who accompanied them. Since COVID-19 reduced their occupancy rate over the last few years, they were looking for new ways to increase their incremental revenue from those who did stay and ensure their experience was so unforgettable, they’d choose INK for their next visit.

The Solution: Offering a heartfelt digital experience with EasyWay

It starts on their website where site visitors can click on the Whatsapp icon powered by EasyWay to text any questions in real-time before booking online. Pre-arrival, guests can browse their personalized web-based portal to pre-book a variety of services including restaurant reservations, spa treatments, parking, celebratory room decor, and business facilities.

Upon arrival, accompanying guests also access their own personalized Guest Portal by onboarding through a QR code. There, each guest browses their own selection of services and products like soft drinks, cocktails, and snacks, which can be ordered through the portal and delivered right to their room or by the hotel pool.

During their stay, guests can text the front desk any question or request and receive 24/7 support through the hotel’s branded WhatsApp API. By eliminating landlines, guests communicate with the hotel instantly.

To complete their stay, guests self check-out through the Guest Portal and automatically receive a hotel discount for their next visit, encouraging guests to come back for their next visit.

It was important for us to create a highly personalized, detailed experience that felt like home for each of our guests, whether they booked their stay or not. That’s exactly what we created with EasyWay and their web-based portal and Whatsapp Business API. Being able to support guests 24/7 and provide an experience that combines business and pleasure is exactly what makes our boutique hotel so memorable.” - Inbal Orian, General Manager at Ink Hotel, Tel Aviv


Providing 24-hour front desk support. From pre-booking to check-out, guests receive 24/7 support with the help of AI assistance and the front desk. By enabling automated messages for frequently asked questions, guests receive instant answers, while the front desk gets notified when they need to reply to any special request—all from the EasyWay platform connected to the WhatsApp Business API. Since guests already use WhatsApp, 79% respond when INK reaches out, and over the course of their stay, each guest exchanges nine messages.

Personalizing each guest’s experience. During their stay, both primary and secondary guests access their own personalized web-based Guest Portal where they can book services, make reservations, order snacks and cocktails, and buy from the gift shop.

Driving incremental revenue. Pre-arrival, guests can reserve anything they need in advance through their personalized Guest Portal. By empowering guests to plan their services in advance, they’re more like to spend, driving incremental revenue. In addition, during their visit, both primary and secondary guests can easily order drinks, cocktails, snacks, and gifts from the same platform.

Optimizing based on customer needs. Analyzing all text messages through the EasyWay platform connected to the WhatsApp Business API means INK Hotel can better understand their guests and anticipate needs in advance, creating an even more personalized experience that builds customer loyalty for a lifetime.


Fast Facts

Hotel name: INK Hotel // Products used: EasyWay Messaging, EasyWay Online Check in, EasyWay Branded WhatsApp, EasyWay Guest Portal // Location: Israel // Number of rooms: 52

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