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Meet Hotel Saul

Tel Aviv’s Hotel Saul is a fascinating mix of old and new, giving guests a full breadth of the latest technology while surrounded by some of Israel's most historic landmarks. Just steps away from some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Mediterranean it is a place where East meets West and industry meets family. Hotel Saul opened from scratch with General Manager David Wartenberg on hand since the first brick was laid. Wartenberg cut his teeth earning a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management in Switzerland and is a big proponent of the power of technology to keep ahead in the chase for amazing guest experiences at hotels. With the recent industry slowdown due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its after effects, Wartenberg has seized upon an opportunity to race ahead of the competition in the post-coronavirus landscape.

The Challenge

It’s simple. Email and phone calls have become invasive and ineffective when it comes to contacting a guest in a pinch or with an offer that you think could be mutually beneficial. Most people aren’t answering their smartphones from an unknown number, and calling the guest’s room without them calling the front desk or another service first can definitely be seen as a negative in their eyes. Most hotels are oversaturating their guests with too many emails - unnecessary reminders about upcoming reservations that guests are unlikely to forget in the first place. Assigning these messages into their heads as “spam” greatly diminishes the likelihood of a guest seeing your hotel’s name in their inbox and feeling any sense of urgency or importance attached to it.

COVID-19 regulations vary enormously from country to country, and in some cases from city to city. Guests unfamiliar with your part of the world need a quick, smart solution to deliver them a wealth of information without having a lengthy phone call or a trip down to the lobby, then around to each different department to add their piece of the information puzzle.

“It’s a great value for the money; you’re improving your guests’ experience for a very fair price.”

The Solution

Pairing with EasyWay lets Hotel Saul open a person-to-person authentic dialogue from the moment they arrive in the city until the moment they depart.

“We get so much positive feedback from our guests about how nice it is to get that message,” Wartenberg says. “It feels really welcoming when you just land and you can start asking questions about parking, a taxi service, etc. It’s the speed of communication that’s making a difference.”

EasyWay’s text service is letting guests get personal service from every department of the hotel in any language they speak in near real-time. We are able to give them the personal touch of having an actual person reading their questions and writing back to them. Before guests could come to ask questions in the lobby, but with COVID-19 still an issue this gives people the opportunity to feel safe and comfortable and still be well informed about everything they could want.

Why EasyWay?

Hotel Saul guests are loving how easy the system is to use. Most greatly prefer a pop-up message on their smartphone rather than a phone call to the room, especially if they’re taking a nap, in the shower, or just wanting to relax in peace and quiet after a busy day of traveling. There are so many platforms that staff members at hotels have to use and that means training and troubleshooting and all that comes with it. But EasyWay’s greatest strength is its simplicity. If you can text, you can use EasyWay.

“It’s good that we get a report each month to see the conversions and more statistics,” Wartenberg says. “It’s a great value for the money; you’re improving your guests’ experience for a very fair price.”

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