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Meet Hiisi Homes & Hotels

Running closer to 300 homes and hotels across Finland without a front desk can be challenging, but Hiisi found a reliable way to provide contactless customer support 24/7. Through EasyWay's platform, they reply quickly to all guests from one place and in any language.

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Removing reception to create homelike living

As a temporary housing option in Finland, Hiisi Homes & Hotels offers companies and expats project accommodation, relocation, and a home-away-from-home experience that is entirely self-service. Each apartment is curated, lightly furnished, equipped, and decorated to feel like home. Run by a small team with 275 properties, Hiisi Homes & Hotels was looking for a way to provide 24/7 support in any language with no front desk or additional staff aside from maintenance.

The Challenge: Provide outstanding customer support in all languages

When Hiisi Homes & Hotels first opened, they relied on email for all guest communication post-booking. This meant guests were only hearing back from Hiisi one or two days after sending in a query. For issues requiring an immediate response, like where to find the kettle or how to turn the shower on, waiting a few days just wasn't going to cut it. Additionally, since many of their guests were expats and business travelers, they were searching for a way to communicate and overcome language barriers to provide excellent customer support 24/7.

The Solution: Handle all guest communication with EasyWay

Communicating with guests throughout Finland, Hiisi Homes & Hotels uses EasyWay and the Whatsapp Business API to provide support 24/7. Guests are now able to message Hiisi via Whatsapp and receive immediate assistance. The platform also includes an in-app 2-way translation feature, so Hiisi can easily communicate with guests in any language. With the help of EasyWay’s AI Assistant, guests check in, check out, and receive their WiFi password, so they can make themselves at home without needing reception.

Hiisi Livin' is all about feeling at home. With EasyWay, we're able to provide our guests with contactless 24/7 support all across Finland, so our guests feel comfortable in their temporary home whether they're staying for a week or months.” - Markus Veikkolainen, CMO at Hiisi Homes & Hotels

Supporting guests remotely from all over Finland

Providing 24/7 customer support. Although Hiisi Homes & Hotels are entirely contactless, guests know they can reach out at any time through Whatsapp to get a prompt response. On average, guests exchange 16 messages throughout a one-week stay.

Communicating in any language. Since guests come from all over the world, Hiisi Homes & Hotels uses EasyWay's 2-way translation to write guests in their native language instantly.


Fast Facts

Hotel name: Hiisi Homes & Hotels // EasyWay products used: Branded Whatsapp Business API, 2-Way Translations // Location: Finland // Number of units: 275 // PMS: apaleo

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