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Exceeding guest and staff expectations at the Dialoog Banyuwangi Hotel

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How the Dialoog Banyuwangi Hotel eliminated bottlenecks and established smooth communication flows

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The lovely peninsula of East Java, bordered by the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean, is home to the Dialoog Banyuwangi Hotel, a resort that combines modern design with all the pleasures of a tropical retreat. Its numerous amenities include a wellness center with a comprehensive range of facilities, and it offers easy access to snorkeling, safaris, volcanos, waterfalls, and mountain ranges.

The Challenge

As this area in Indonesia is still largely wild and untamed, it is unsurprising that the Dialoog Banyuwangi Hotel guests have a vast number of questions about amenities, local activities, dining options, and more, leading to an average wait time of 15-20 minutes. Having guest requests unseen, unheard, or otherwise slipping through the cracks is a quick path to poor reviews, fewer repeat engagements, and unhappy guests - the holy trinity of bad results. This ongoing bottleneck situation necessitated a change in the hotel’s processes so that the staff could track all guest needs and respond to them rapidly and accurately, while also being able to focus on more pressing and time-sensitive matters in the hotel.

The seamless two-way integration between EasyWay and apaleo's connectivity platform fully automates the once tedious and manual processes.

The Solution

The seamless two-way integration between EasyWay and apaleo’s connectivity platform and PMS application fully automates tedious and manual processes, serving as the perfect solution for the Dialoog Banyuwangi Hotel. It decreased the volume of phone calls and length of lines, enabling the hotel staff to utilize their time more efficiently while overcoming language barriers and personalizing all guest experiences. Hotel guests can check in a full 24 hours in advance on the EasyWay guest portal, guaranteeing their rooms and door keys are ready upon arrival, as well as upgrade their rooms, make dinner reservations, book spa treatments, or explore the local attractions. Staff can easily make changes on the portal keeping guests informed and up-to-date throughout their stay.

“Thanks to EasyWay’s personalized guest journey, we’ve managed to communicate more effectively with our in-house guests, upsell services and experiences offered by the hotel, and get positive feedback about the contactless check-in process from our tech-savvy guests,” Dialoog Banyuwangi Hotel General Manager Putu Susenayasa said. “The platform has helped us deliver high-quality services by supporting our staff and enabling them to have more engaging and more personal moments with our guests.”


Boosted Staff Efficiency. Staff is now available to dedicate itself to more complex or time-sensitive guest requests.

Safety Measures. Guests are able to effectively communicate with the staff in an entirely contactless manner.

Increased Revenue. Hotel revenue has increased due to better upselling opportunities, guest satisfaction, and high-quality service.

Personalized Guest Journey. Staff and guests can engage with each other in their native tongues and via their preferred channels.

Happy Guests. A desire to constantly improve services along with the willingness to act on that desire enabled the hotel to increase guest satisfaction and happiness.


Fast Facts

Hotel name: Dialoog Banyuwangi Hotel // Property Management System: apaleo API // Products used: EasyWay Messaging, EasyWay Guest Portal, EasyWay Online Check in, EasyWay Branded WhatsApp // Partners name: apaleo, EasyWay // Location: Indonesia // Number of rooms: 116

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