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How we can help you fight COVID-19

When our customers started experiencing the devastating impact of COVID-19, we understood that for many of them, the fear of bankruptcy is stronger than ever. People were losing their life-long savings and careers.

We’ve decided as a company to do our best to help the people that helped us to reach where we are. As a first move, we decided to give our service free of charge for the months of March, April, and May.

After doing that, we wanted to adapt our platform so it could better help hoteliers in these times of need. We talked with dozens of our customers and brainstormed on ways we can help. We formed a plan to help hoteliers worldwide and to get quick results we started a company hackathon. These are the results:

Reduce your cancellation rate

As every hotelier is experiencing an unprecedented cancelation rate due to COVID-19, we wanted to minimize their loss and save some of the reservations.

Once guests have canceled their reservation, we will engage with them automatically using their favorite messaging app, in their native language - with a special message chosen by you. We’ve witnessed our hotels turning cancelations into bookings by offering their guests a discount if they will postpone their stay instead of canceling it.

COVID-19 instructions - reach your guests directly

With the government and travel restrictions changing on a daily basis, the need for quick and effective communication with your guests is more important than ever. We’ve developed a feature that allows hoteliers to send immediate updates to their guests (push-notifications). This feature is being tested with a few hotels and will be rolled out to everyone in the next days.

Getting the most from each guest

Since occupation rates are on a freefall, you as a hotelier must think about how to increase the revenue per guest. A smart way of doing that is using our newest “Smart Notifications” feature for upselling and cross-selling. Start offering taxis for safer transport, food delivery, or just promote your hotel facilities. This feature will allow you to determine your own set of rules to reach out to your guests. For instance, you can determine that a day before check-out, guests will receive a personalized message asking them kindly if they are interested in a taxi to the airport or late checkout.

For us,  it’s doesn’t end here. We are still developing new features as fast as we can.

More importantly, we started an initiative to help hoteliers in these devastating times. We’ve reached out to the largest companies in the industry and asked them to join us to try and ease the pain for the hoteliers. We are all #StrongerTogether (you can read more on our LinkedIn Post).

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