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Our algorithm provides our users with a curated list of the very top recommendations by scanning the web and combining the information from the different sources

Personalization Engine

Eve learns your preferences, the more you talk with her - the better she gets

Information About Your Hotel

Eve can automatically answer FAQ about your hotel

Exclusive Information & Tips

Eve can get you all the events that are taking place in the city, the cheapest bars, best beaches, tips for the perfect vacation and much more

Why us

With zero effort on your behalf, we help your hotel increase its revenue by:

Turn data into action

We derive insights from our data. By Implementing our insights you will find new revenue streams while improving your service.

Save Time And Money

Eve answers guests’ frequently asked questions, and thus saves the guests and the hotel precious time and money.

Boost In-House Sales

Our unique system has a proven record of boosting hotels’ in-house sales.

Enhance Guest Experience

With Eve, even when you are not around, your guests will have a true local and authentic experience.

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